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Blue Skies


CareBOX is a philanthropy dedicated to providing cancer patients with necessary supplies. Items are given in order to prevent things like infection, injuries, and malnutrition, which alone contributes to one in five cancer-related deaths. The boxes delivered are entirely free for the patient, which is made possible by the donations made to the CareBOX program. 


Founders Jillian Domingue and Lisa Keefauver saw firsthand through observing their loved ones and friends that there was a dire need for patients in the process of having their cancer treated to be able to access essential supplies at home. These supplies are also not commonly covered by insurance, meaning patients often go without them entirely. Their health therefore continues to suffer the consequences.


The process begins when a patient applies using a designated link on the organization's website. They are then able to select from a list of 40 care supplies the items that they feel best fit their needs. The box is then put together by both staff and volunteers and personally delivered to the patient's door. These boxes can be replenished every three months.

Delta Epsilon Mu raises money to donate directly to the CareBOX program. Our weekly fundraising has allowed for us to contribute to the already $922,000 worth of supplies that the program has been able to provide to cancer patients. For more information, please visit their website 


Austin Half-Marathon

February 20th, 2022

One of our many volunteering events, this semester where we passed out medals, food, water, and towels to the runners. It was an early morning but spending time with fellow DEMbers while serving our community is priceless! Not to mention the spectacular sunrise we got to see. 


December 7th, 2021

To celebrate the end of the semester, we had an amazing formal where everyone dressed to the tens and let loose. We spent the singing, dancing, talking, and enjoying each others company. 

Prospect Retreat

October 1st, 2021

After getting to know one another for a couple of weeks in a professional setting, the Phi class got to spend a Friday night getting to know one another in a more social setting. This event was led by our co-Director's of Prospects Xixi Jia and Autumn Ortiz and everyone has a great time playing games and looking forward to other DEM events in the future. 

Guest Speaker
Peter Buschang, Ph.D

September 28th, 2021

Our first speaker of this semester was Dr. Peter Buschang, a regents professor and director of orthodontic research at Texas A&M College of Denistry. He received his Ph.D from the University of Texas at Austin in physical anthropology and performed his dissertation research in southern Mexico with indigenous groups. During his time as both a Ph.D student and professor, his interests centered around cranioficial growth, developmental adaptions to orthodontic/surgical treatments, and oral-motor function. He first spoke to us about anthropology aligns with both dentisry and medicine as well as how a multi-faceted background is important in clinical settings. Additionally, he elaborated on the key values he looks for in medical/dental/graduate students. Lastly, he reminded us to take advantage of what UT has to offer as the university will be able to provide immense resources and opportunities for us. 

Prospect Dinner

September 20th, 2021

After a long wait, we finally had our first in-person recruitment event since the spring of 2019- making sure to follow COVID-19 safety protocols of course. It was wonderful getting to see all of our prospects in person and see them interact and bond with one another. Here's to a great rest of the semester with them in DEM! 

Alumni Panel

April 6th, 2021

We had the privilege of a visit from some of the lovely individuals who were previously in DEM before they graduated from here at the University of Texas at Austin. The group included Brenner Johnson, Carlos Valenzuela-Flores, Katie Na, Samuel Oshoba, Luis Valdez, and Keri Rowley. When asked about how to go about finding your specialty in medical school, the general consensus was to lean into what you’re passionate about while also maintaining an open mind along the way. Our alumni visitors also reminded members to enjoy your time in undergraduate and to not stress if you are not super involved in a multitude of things right away. The two aspects suggested to keep in mind when deciding on a medical school or a graduate program in general included location and price (tuition). Both factors often play a part in either minimizing or contributing to stress levels. The apparent key to balancing graduate school, work, and relationships is to be appropriately selective with the people you choose to surround yourself with. You have to involve yourself with people who understand what you’re working towards and what it takes to get there but who will also help you return to achieving that balance when you are not prioritizing yourself enough.

Guest Speaker
Kathleen E. Carberry (RN, MPH)

March 9th, 2021

Our second speaker, Kathleen Carberry, serves as the Outcomes Program Officer at the Value Institute for Health and Care. She has also been a registered nurse for twenty years, focusing specifically on pediatrics, cardiac critical care, and outcomes measurement. Carberry also founded and directed the Texas Children’s Hospital Outcomes & Impact Service, an organization dedicated to helping patients, families, and clinicians make better health care decisions using outcomes information. She first spoke to us about how the future should be centered around lessening the traditional hierarchy and getting the right expertise for health. When asked for advice on how to make the most out of any kind of clinical experience, Carberry suggested to place yourself within as wide of a variety of different environments as possible. While emphasizing the importance of respecting nurses in a clinical setting, she stated that this mainly derives from simply choosing to treat nurses as if they know something because they definitely do. There are so many examples of not valuing one’s opinion or observations simply because they are not considered “qualified enough” and only learning that they were in fact right when it is too late to do something about it. As future healthcare professionals, we should aim to treat one another as equals regardless of any differences in the letters that will eventually follow our name.

Guest Speaker
Joslyn W. Fisher (MD, MPH, FACP)

March 2nd, 2021

Our first distinguished speaker of the semester, Dr. Joslyn Fisher, is currently an Associate Professor of Medicine and Medical Ethics at the Baylor College of Medicine. She also serves as Vice Chair of Faculty and Staff Development in the Department of Medicine and has established a clinic for survivors of IPV and sexual assault in Houston, TX. She spoke to us about how a healthcare professional in this day and age takes on a lot of different roles outside that of the traditional clinical environment, with ethics being especially important in conversations related to COVID-19. She elaborated further on what the general public and health professionals should look out for when it comes to identifying those suffering from the implications of Intimate Partner Violence. This can include physical signs as well as withdrawing socially, not talking, and appearing depressed. She also stated to simply be ready to listen when the victim feels as if they are ready to talk. When asked about the value in choosing to defer your medical school acceptance and taking a gap year, Dr. Fisher explained the importance of having a plan and communicating that with the school itself. She encouraged students to (during that time) better themselves both as professionals and people.

Prospect Welcome

February 23rd, 2021


After once again reaching the end of a successful recruitment process, we welcomed the Spring 2021 Upsilon class into Delta Epsilon Mu. We started off their experience with us by competing in a Kahoot game as a group that consisted of questions submitted by active members. These questions essentially contained a fun fact that then required you to guess which member it applied to. It was such a fun way to introduce the prospects to who we are as a group and even help the already active members get to know each other more!

DEM Returns

January 26th, 2021


In the midst of the continuation of the COVID-19 pandemic, we looked towards yet another semester of virtual meetings. For all of the members of Delta Epsilon Mu, these circumstances have taught us the importance of community and finding new ways to socialize while also staying safe. During this brief period of time before recruitment began, we met to discuss what the semester as a whole would look like and the tasks requiring completion before bringing in the new prospective members.

Family Socials

February 29th, 2020


As the newest prospect class continued to get to know one another, the time came for them to also get to know the distinctive families within Delta Epsilon Mu. In order to provide them with the opportunity to do so, family heads and members of each family held social events for the prospective members to come and enjoy. We look forward to the day where we can all come together again as a collective family, especially if sand volleyball is involved!

Guest Speaker
Dr. Alexander, Implant and Mouth Reconstruction Dentist

February 4th, 2020


We were again given the privilege to experience a wonderful guest speaker! Dr. Deandre Alexander, who officially began practicing as a dentist in 2007, spoke to us on the importance of investing in yourself and evolving within your profession. He also mentioned that nearly 60% of patients are unable to keep up with the financial aspect of the treatment, meaning that dentists tend to "put out fires" instead of actually treating the patient. After deciding to purchase his own practice in 2012, he further emphasized the fact that making that change requires you to keep moving and remain motivated. Dr. Alexander then suggested to educate yourself on current technology and evolve alongside your profession. In terms of the path to dental school, he highlighted the fact that you are not required to major in anything health related as long as you take the classes required for the program you would like to apply to. When it comes to choosing a dental school, Dr. Alexander mainly spoke on the importance of choosing a program based on both the people and what you are getting for your money to decrease financial hardships in whichever way you can.

Spring Recruitment Week

February 3rd, 2020


Winter break coming to an end means adding even more people to our wonderful family! After having a meeting of their own, the recruitment committee began holding both info sessions and social events for those interested in becoming a member of the Sigma chapter. This period of time allowed for active members to communicate to other UT students about what the organization has to offer and how it has impacted their lives. 

November 16th, 2019


On November 16th, our members gathered to compete against one another in a series of games to see which family would come out on top! This event provides newly active members an opportunity to represent and get to know their individual family within the organization. We look forward to this event every semester and it is a great opportunity to get outside and enjoy each other's company.

Guest Speaker
Dr. George, Dell Med Neurology and Medical Director of the Pediatric Neurosurgery Center
October 8th, 2019


Before Tuesday's general meeting, Sigma Chapter was honored to have Dr. Timothy George speak on his experiences growing up in New York and recognizing the need to improve healthcare centers that would otherwise remain deprived. After earning his undergraduate degree at Columbia, Dr. George went on to become a professor of neurology and pediatrics, a pediatric neurosurgeon, and a developmental biologist all before moving to Austin in order to help build Dell Medical School. In terms of healthcare, he emphasized the fact that it is about coming together and building teams in order to help a patient. This means that each person involved must step up and work equally as opposed to everyone "blending" together. When asked about the best way to get to grad school, Dr. George highlighted the importance of figuring out your passion, what healthcare is to you, and your overall vision and goal rather than solely focusing on all of the steps it may take to get there. He also mentioned that healthcare and medicine is all about making a difference in the lives of others, the field itself simply serving as a platform in order for you to do exactly that.


Fall Prospect Retreat

October 4th, 2019


After a period of getting to know each other in a professional sense, the Pi Class was able to get to know each other outside of the meeting room and further solidify their bond as a prospect class. Alongside both the DOPs and other officers, the group had a great time playing games and looking forward to obtaining the status of an active member,

Fall Prospect Welcome Dinner

September 23rd, 2019


Led by Co-Directors of Prospects Dante Sepulveda-Allen and Shehla Syed, the recruitment period came to end and was marked by a celebration for the newest prospect class. The officer board as a whole was able to introduce themselves to the group and bond over past experiences and plans for the future. The pizza was an even better way to tie it all together!

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