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          In Fall 2012, Delta Epsilon Mu began the process to establish its fifteenth Chapter by expanding to the University of Texas at Austin. The members, led by student Keri Lawrence, contacted the Lambda Chapter at Texas A&M University and the Kappa Chapter at the University of Kansas to begin the Expansion Process. Lawrence, who in time became the Founding President of the Chapter at UT Austin, led the members through this Process under the supervision of the Kappa Chapter. In Spring 2013, supervision of the Expansion Process was turned over to the Theta Chapter at UC Merced, and the Process was led by the National Director of Prospects, Kritica Joshi. 

          On April 26, 2013, the 10 students of the UT Austin Colony travelled to the Lambda Chapter in College Station, Texas to complete the Expansion Process. 

          The Founding members were Keri Lawrence, Mindy Tran (Founding Vice President), Justin Rowley (Founding Treasurer), Kerri Grier (Founding Co-Director of Prospects), Shankar Nandakumar (Founding Co-Director of Prospects), Sivonna Schutty (Founding National Liason), Jona Mata (Founding Secretary), Lubna Oza (Founding Historian), Tim Nguyen (Founding Public Relations Chair), and Chris Oballe. 

          These members of the Founding Class of the Sigma Chapter of Delta Epsilon Mu thus established a foundation at UT Austin for health education in all pre-health fields centered around the four principles of friendship, dedication, loyalty, and support.



The brothers and sisters of Delta Epsilon Mu are committed to serving the community by advocating health education and care, and through active participation in service activities, fundraising, and outreach programs. Members are given the opportunity to directly participate in health-oriented workshops and discussions, thereby attaining access to pertinent academic and career information through association with professors, advisors, career professionals, alumni members, and fellow active members.

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Delta Epsilon Mu was founded on the grounds of Binghamton University in New York in Spring 1996. Delta Epsilon Mu was established with the goal of uniting students interested in entering various pre-health professions including medicine, psychology, dentistry, nursing, physical therapy, among others. The Founding Fathers united their interests in building a Co-ed Pre-health Fraternity to serve students by exposing them to professionals from various health fields. Visit the National website for more information.

Old Book
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